Vol. 12, Issue 3, March 2012


Salon Starts Off the New Year
Report from: Tamara Kirson & Elaine Roberts, co-chairs NYC Region

New York City Region Salon participants get comfortable for a night of sharing ideas.

The words don’t sound like ones your student would use in writing. Whose words are they? How do you talk with the student about your concerns? On January 18, nine NYS TESOL New York City Region members met in a Manhattan apartment to discuss the meaning and identification of plagiarism and, most importantly, the methods for helping students learn to write in their own words. Participants included Rachel Gerzog, Bernadette Forward, Bonny Hart, Yanick Frederic, Judy Samuels, Valentina Portnov and Dafna Ben-Anath. The Salon was co-chaired by Elaine Roberts and Tamara Kirson and featured the usual Salon camaraderie, wine, cheese, and lively professional discussion.